• Type Citrus

    Citrus is intended to serve as a model demonstrating sustainable design principel and enhanced living environment

  • Type Phoenix

    One of strongest points of this design its flexibility. The design of the home fits around the individual's lifestyle. That is fully controllable to the owner's personal usage patterns

  • Type Pyrus

    The Design of the home fits around the individual's lifestyle. The real advantage of this is the fact space

  • Type Vesca

    Vesca Employs an interesting looking design and a throughly sensible answer to making a modern

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Mampang Hills

Mampang Hills design the green issue, which is nestled in peaceful, green environment. It isthe ultimate lifestyle reserved for privileged few. Within an eco-friendly estate of 3.2 hectares.

Mampang Hills has set a new - fangled for urban housing with aggressively green, innovatively desgined, municipal homes.